To Be Released March 2020

The Veil: Inheritance is Book 3 in The Veil series and is inspired by post-cyberpunk and biopunk literary influences.

The players are Imprints: human bodies that were modified at a genomic level, biological enhancements that augment them beyond a typical human and inserted with memories of a past life that are not their own; optimizing them for their singular constructed function.

  • Each new playbook is designed to be paired up and used in unison with a playbook from the previous two books.

  • Make your previous character the genetic memories of one of 6 all-new playbooks available!

  • An additional die mechanic that for using a playbook move from a genetic memory baked into the same roll as the triggering move; adding depth and complexity with no additional rolls.

  • A Mecha playbook with battle moves and advancement.

  • A new setting and aspects for extrapolating your game into Book 3.

  • Loads More!