Uncanny Echo Issue 2: Takers PDF

Uncanny Echo Issue 2: Takers PDF


This product assumes you have knowledge of Powered by the Apocalypse games. It utitlizes a rules-light, pick-up-and-play version of Pbta in order to construct a montly serialized RPG.

For the full game comprised of 204 pages, full-color, 39 pieces of art, revised versions of each Uncanny Echo game (issues 0-9), and 45 pages of support text, click here.

Issue 2: Takers

Most of us find the human mind difficult to comprehend. We still don’t truly understand why we sleep and why we dream. The intricacies of how memory works, for example, still eludes us. However, in this issue you’ll play individuals who have unraveled, at least in part, the mysteries of memories. The clockwork of our minds, and the importance vivid experiences have on our lives.

These uncanny events, and the Uncanny Echoes that follow, leave behind a cognitive residue. Ordinary people remember their experiences with the uncanny—until they don’t.

That’s where you come in, the Takers.

Takers subsist off the various ephemera left behind by the uncanny. Whether the truth was ferreted out completely or not in the previous issue, there are always the remnants of an Echo.

You’re a team who go in and make sure every facet of an uncanny event and the subsequent echoes are destroyed, consumed, by you.
When you’re done, it’ll be like it never happened at all.

That consumption is all you know how to do.

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