Uncanny Echo Issue 1: Suburbia PDF

Uncanny Echo Issue 1: Suburbia PDF


This game does not teach you howto play Powered by the Apocalypse games. It assumes you have knowledge of the system and uses a system-lite, pick-up-and-play version of it to construct a monthly serialized RPG.

This issue is the next in a monthly serialized roleplaying game in which players play each one-shot to play to find out the mystery of uncanny events and their echoes. All back issues will be available here after each months issue is released.

Following events of Issue 0: The Heist, something strange is happening in suburbia. You play neighbors in a cul-de-sac brought together by an uncanny echo.

To find out more information on the project here. 

The first issue of the series is available for free here.


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