Uncanny Echo Issue 9: Lies PDF

Uncanny Echo Issue 9: Lies PDF


This game does not explain how to play a Powered by the Apocalypse game; it leverages knowledge of the system to present a rules-light game. 

For the full game comprised of 204 pages, full-color, 39 pieces of art, revised versions of each Uncanny Echo game (issues 0-9), and 45 pages of support text, click here.

Issue 9: Lies

Once escaped, players portray someone who now gets dragged back into a criminal underworld filled with revolvers, death, and drugs to find a missing person they care about; a friend, a lover, a sibling—they decide. In order to find them they’ll have to navigate a world that claws them back in or risk never finding the answers they seek.

This noir, hard-boiled tale being spun has a further twist, though.

High school can be hell. When you’re young it feels deadly serious. As deadly as death, even. This time it is. This story takes place in high school, riffing on the often exclusionary nature of cliques and literalizing the feelings that come with high school’s microworld.

The players will have to contend with the realities of being a hard-boiled detective as a student. As such, death and the serious, dramatic beats go without saying in this issue.

Integrating another twist, each playbook is actually a different aspect of the main protagonist the players will be portraying; playing into the tropes often found in the genre.

This issue is inspired by the 2005 film Brick.


Uncanny Echo is a serialized roleplaying game. It borrows from part of the Apocalypse World engine created by D. Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker. Games using elements of the Apocalypse World engine are often referred to as Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA).

Uncanny Echo contains small, episodic stories rooted in mysterious or eerie events that unravel with each Issue. Something somewhat normal becomes something else: surreal, unearthly... uncanny.

Each Issue is a pick-up-and-play one shot, intended to form an ongoing serialized narrative that has a meta-narrative external from any given session. Within these modular experiences, each game will differ greatly with player input. Each uncanny story is of your own making and unfolds in an emergent manner. You to play to find out what happens with as little cognitive load as possible.

These one-shots will sometimes be directly connected to the next Issue; other times you will decide how they fit together. They may simulate jump cuts to unrelated events, returning later to the circumstances in previous months, just as a movie or TV show would from scene to scene or episode to episode. As more are released, you may choose to play them in whatever order you choose.

In Issue 0: The Heist (available for free), players robbed a bank, based very loosely on the movie The Town, with a twist: not all vaults are meant to contain money. What this bank vault kept secure is up to you and the other players.

This Issue connects to that story, exploring a specific uncanny event triggered by the bank heist. Next month will be a different experience within the same game world. With each Issue, you’ll discover how each event relates to the one before it—a process largely determined by you.

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