Uncanny Echo, Operators, and Cascade

Hello folks, and Welcome to Samjokopublishing.com!

We are excited about the new year. We are going to start with an update and then, once a month or so going forward, we will keep people updated on the various irons in the fire, so to speak.

First up, Fraser has a brand new Patreon for Uncanny Echo, a serialized roleplaying game revolving around Uncanny events and the echoes that follow. check it out:

I've been fascinated with emergent mystery for a while. To satiate this desire, every month I'm going to release a one-shot "module" that will unravel a meta-narrative revolving around an ongoing mystery you create through play. With each month comes a new chapter. With each chapter, a self-contained pickup and play stripped down and tailored PbtA experience; kind of like an adventure starter. It is important to note that Uncanny Echo will not teach you how to play a Powered by the Apocalypse game; it leverages your knowledge of the system in order to create this unique framework.

I'm going to be playing each Issue every month. After our play, I'll be designing the next installment for this emergent story, making the design work emergent as well.

Emulating a movie or TV Show, each new chapter may be directly connected to events prior, or jump to all new events that will intersect in the future. As a table you will decide how each intersects, crafting an emergent story. As more Issues release you may choose to play them in an entirely different order than my group and I.

These Issues will comprise Uncanny Echo. There will be 12 issues to complete the year. Following this, I will compile all of them into one product, most likely a 6x9 book. It will feature more art and tie the Issues into one cohesive text. At a certain pledge level, you'll be able to get this finalized product for free, provided you pay the shipping. It will most likely be Print On Demand, but that will depend on the number of copies being printed.

I will also be recording these sessions, editing them like Pocket-Sized Play episodes (that is, actual play episodes with very tight editing) and releasing them via this Patreon's RSS feed as well. This means you'll be able to hear our own story as well as how I run the game. Some of our Mics aren't the best but the story is something I'm proud of already. The playtest videos themselves are available for free on my Youtube

My hope is that here, and in a G+ community I will create, folks will share their own emergent mysteries made with Uncanny Echo, and see how their own game differs from my own and others! 

What Uncanny Echo will you create?


Kyle is hard at work on the Operator RPG layout, which is coming along extremely well. He recently announced that backers are getting a ton more cards than they expected and the digital ones are already in the hands of backers!! If you're one such baker and missed the update, check out the update Here. And the product page here.



And finally, Cascade is being proofed and is compiled, layout is complete, and the cover should be done this weekend. If so, the files will be sent to the printer for samples to be made up for us. Product page found here for Cascade.


The_Veil Cover.jpg

The Veil is getting a second printing, alongside Cascade, and features 12 new pieces of art including a new cover. There are numerous improvements. Giri has is changed to Obligation, the Empath's playbook is redefined slightly, to allow for more varied play and interpretations; there are numerous improvements to the flow of writing: terms are capitalized, grammar is more refined, and some typos were found and fixed. If you buy your games in PDF format, good news! We have it in stock right now, check out the shop page and nab it.

Stay tuned for more updates!