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Hack The Planet, a tabletop roleplaying game that is Forged in the Dark, meaning it uses the Blades in the Darksystem by John Harper of One Seven Designs. While using the Blades' foundation, the setting is all about people living on the fringes of society in cyberpunk climate fiction rather than scoundrels in an industrial-fantasy city.

What does that mean? Think of a novel like The Water Knife and short fiction like Loosed Upon The World, then marry the concepts with cyberpunk fiction. High tech and low life contextualized. The impetus of which was reading Heavy Weather, a cyberpunk novel where a storm troupe pursues extremely dangerous storm fronts and tornadoes across a radically different America that has changed due to this heavy weather (something like a futuristic Twister). 

You play people on the fringes of society, where a cyberpunk future we typically might see in the genre was halted by changes in our climate.

Much of the landscape was changed due to what became known as Acts of God. As our climate became radicalized it resulted in more than just heavy weather. Earthquakes, tornadoes, rising sea water, and the changes in rainfall, to name a few. resulted in the destabilization of government and banks, and the halting of technological progress on a massive scale (and typically see in the genre). The Internet was destroyed and huge amounts of data was lost. The landscape was altered irrevocably and continues to be changed by these Acts of God.   

In Shelter 1, a massive facility created for climate refugees, corporations and the superrich have slowly been changing the shelter into a megacity that serves their purposes. 

You play people who have had enough of the status quo. What they do to change it is up to you and your crew. Will you fly beyond the known area, dropping from airships to salvage valuables or be mercenaries who destabilize the corporations by assassinating the emerging players in Shelter 1? How will you disrupt the status quo?