The Veil: Cascade Quickstart: Glitch City

The Veil: Cascade Quickstart: Glitch City


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Glitch City is a Quickstart adventure consisting of premade characters, a small sample setting, and reference materials that include everything you need to jump start a session quickly and efficiently while retaining some of the key aspects of building your setting as a collaboration. Using this to springboard off of, you’ll be able to do a one-shot or use it as a base to start from with multiple sessions in mind. You’ll use the following included here to play this adventure:

* 5 premade playbooks with unique questions already filled out for you.

* A sample scenario.

* Printable game aids: Moves and MC sheets.

Note: This quickstart was a beta playtest with a goal to guide an MC (facilitator of the game) who had not played The Veil before. As such, the scenario is more "on rails" than is normal for PbtA games and The Veil itself. It is designed to be someone quick, used at a convention, for example.

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