What is your shipping policy?

We ship to most anywhere in the world and ask that you allow 2-3 business days to get them out, as they are shipped from Korea via media mail. 



Because everything is shipped from from Korea, most everything will be internationally shipped. It goes out media mail within 2-3 days of a purchase, and, depending on where you are located, you can expect a delivery window of 2-4 weeks.


Where's my PDF copy?

We ask that you wait up to 24 hours to receive your PDF if you do not get it immediately after checkout; your order needs to be processed. 


What is the best way to get your games?

If you are outside of the U.S the best deal you are likely to find will buying it through us. Our store charges around 15$ for shipping, varying from where you are located in the world. Sometimes brick and mortar stores will buy stock from Indie Press Revolution and therefor also carry our games; we are not made aware of any of these stores via IPR. Check with your local game store to see if they place orders from them. 

Within the U,S, Indie Press Revolution carries some of our products. They have a presence at a lot of conventions and also are a distributor for other stores.  

It goes without saying that we make the most money off of those products sold at our store here, by us.


Bits & Mortar Program


Bits and Mortar can be found here. If you buy a copy of a game at a retail location or a convention, know that we participate in this program. When you're purchasing, ask them if they are a retailer who also participates. If they do, you'll get a free PDF copy of the game as well.

If they do not and you purchase a copy of the game, contact us with proof of purchase and we will absolutely get you the PDF copy. Most retailers participate in the program and will send you the files at the time of your purchase or shortly thereafter.


When can we expect more stock to arrive?

The Veil's second printing is happening in January of 2018, alongside the printing of Cascade. After that our partner in Korea, The Dice Latte, will fulfill orders for Kickstarter backers. After that the store will be updated with stock. Expect both titles to appear in our store late January to mid-February.


Why no hardcovers?

We print most of our books in graphic novel size. We do this because it is the largest format available that is still two column, making it easy to view from any device. This format requires specialized packing for hardcovers because of the unique dimensions. When Worlds In Peril was shipped, too many were damaged. Right now, Lulu and DrivethruRPG do not support this format in hardcover either, only softcover. When and if that should change, we may make hardcovers available.


Are their Actual Play videos of your products?

Yes! Check out Kyle's Youtube, as well as Fraser's Youtube. We each have some videos up for most of the products.